How to Use the GPS Functionality on the Mercedes Navigation System!

The Mercedes-Benz automotive manufacturer kits out a lot of their higher range car models with their proprietary GPS navigation and in-car entertainment multimedia system. The system is known as the COMAND device and offers a lot more than just GPS and music functionality, although those are the primary features and functions. It also serves and provides an access point for Bluetooth hands free in-car telephone calling, easy to use stereo system controls plus even satellite radio. The COMAND system can be quite tricky to get to grips with so this article outlines how you can get the best from the GPS navigation aspect to the device.


Comes with POIs and Turn by Turn Directions

Included with the Mercedes Navigation System are also items called points of interest files, or POIs. These offer one-touch access to plenty of different and useful locations whilst on the move. For example, if you want to find a hospital, it will display the closest to you so you can navigate straight there with no delay. In addition to that the GPS works using turn by turn directions and also includes an address book so you can save locations to the device for later reference. All these functions are not that easy to use though, so here is a brief overview of how to use the GPS in your Mercedes-Benz car.

Instructions on How to Use the Navigation System

Turn the ignition on the car to on, and then press the “NAV” button whilst you remain stationary.
Push your joy stick on the dash in a downwards motion and then select the “Enter Destination” option and press “OK” to begin.

Using the joy stick again, enter in the letters of the street name or place that you want to travel to. You can press the “STATE” key on the screen’s corner and then use the joy stick to navigate through the different states. Press “OK” when you are on the state that you want the GPS to take you to.
Now you can select the house number, or enter one in manually with the joy stick. Press the “OK” button again when happy with your selection.

Finally use the joy stick to select “Start Route Guidance” which is on the main menu. The GPS in the Mercedes will now be ready to navigate you there using turn by turn directions and you can get started straight away.

You Will Need to Update the Maps Every Year

Please note that the GPS maps on the Mercedes Navigation System will only ever be as up to date as the last time your purchased new map updates for it. These are developed by a company called Navteq and can be purchased online and come on the new 2012 Mercedes-Benz Navigation DVD.

Why Update your Mercedes Navigation System?

If you choose to update your Mercedes-Benz Navigation System with new maps then it will ultimately save you time because it will provide the best routes possible, and even save you cash at the fuel pumps because it routes you the most efficient way towards your destination. Navteq released new Mercedes GPS maps annually, and each new Mercedes Navigation DVD comes with new streets and roadways updates on it. In addition to that there are all of the latest points of interest files bundled on the DVD disc too which includes items such as hospitals, parks, hotels, restaurants, gas stations and loads more.

Want to Update Your Mercedes-Benz Maps?

If you find that your Mercedes Navigation System is not entirely accurate, or you have not purchased new maps for the last year or so then click here to get the new 2012 Mercedes Navigation Update. The DVDs are sold via the GPS Navigation DVD website which offers the best prices available anywhere online today.

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